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With over 5 years of experience as a graphic designer and art director based in Montreal, Philippe Clairoux has collaborated with agencies and businesses across various sectors, including renowned collaborations with clients such as Buck and Google. 

He possesses a strong expertise in brand image development. Philippe's work has been acknowledged and featured in various media outlets such as The Brand Identity, The Dieline, and Mindsparkle Mag.

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Öst - Visual Identity
Discover Öst in Shefford – a cozy spot with six cabins and eight studios. Surrounded by sports and tourist attractions, Öst is your go-to base for a night, a weekend, or even a week. It's not just a place to stay; it's a friendly spot where you'll feel right at home. In this project, we focused on creating a look for Öst that captures its warmth and adventurous vibe. Dive into our visual story that reflects the charm and hospitality of this special retreat.

  • Client: Öst
  • Design: Philippe Clairoux

    A series of images exploring the potential, risks, and evolution of AI-generated images delves into the intricate world of artificial intelligence and its impact on visual creativity. This collection aims to shed light on how AI can revolutionize the creation of images, offering unprecedented possibilities while also posing significant challenges.

    Acquiso - Visual Identity
    Launching the visual identity of Acquiso, Acquiso assists businesses in acquiring commercial equipment by offering a wide inventory of new and used equipment. In partnership with Affiliated Financial Services, the company also provides the most advantageous financing terms for equipment acquisition.

    • Client: Acquiso Inc.
    • Design: Philippe Clairoux

    Canevas  -  Visual Identity
    While listening to the design team at Brigil, we learned about their commitment to making a positive impact on the Outaouais region with the Canevas project. A place where people are at the heart of the community and can engage in various experiences.

    By creating this dynamic identity, we aim to set the Canevas project apart in Quebec and showcase Brigil's talent for designing culturally vibrant living spaces.

    • Design: Philippe Clairoux
    Photo: Vincent Castonguay

    La Martine - Visual Identity
    The visual identity design for the La Martine development project draws inspiration from a typographic aesthetic, offering a unique combination of simplicity and elegance. Nestled in the heart of nature in Baie St-Paul, this development of 24 plots aspires to be an oasis of tranquility. The deliberate choice of carefully selected typefaces embodies the harmony between the natural environment and the contemporary aspect of the project.

    Design: Philippe Clairoux

    Champlain Magazine - Editorial
    The Champlain housing project, developed by Brigil, embodies a forward-thinking and sustainable vision of an urban community. By creating the magazine for this innovative community, our goal is to reflect the essence of Champlain by highlighting its '15-minute neighborhood' concept and underscoring its commitment to sustainable development.

    Design: Philippe Clairoux
    Client: Brigil

    Gym Sablon - Vsual Identity
    Working in partnership with the marketing agency Louis, we were entrusted by CentreSablon to craft their comprehensive visual identity, establish a cohesive graphic system, and design and develop their website. Our collaborative efforts aimed to provide CentreSablon with a strong and memorable brand image, ensuring that their online presence effectively represents their unique offerings and values

    • Client: Gym sablon
    • Design: Philippe Clairoux

    Resistance Energy - Logo

    Resistance Energy is an investment fund powered by McGill St-Laurent and CWP Energy.

    Design: Philippe Clairoux

    Conflit d’usage / Packaging Introducing Conflit d'Usage Beer - An organic, fresh, unfiltered lager brewed as part of a collaboration between Nomades du Parc and Chelsea & Co. Our mission was to create a packaging design system that highlights Gatineau Park and the conflict between cyclists and vehicles within the park.

    • Design: Philippe Clairoux
    Photo: Louis-Philippe Toupin



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